Cyber Heroes Competition is an information security competition organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank and Asia Pacific University. It will be participated by local universities students aged up to 25 years old, in search for the top new and highly potential cyber security talents and promoting cyber security culture among young generation. The event is an informative platform to promote the culture of being protective (defensive) and responsible in a cyber space. In this event, it is not only meant to send powerful messages of global security awareness to make our cyberspace a safer place, but the event also meant to provide exposure to undergraduate students about entrepreneurship career and professionalism in lucrative cyber security industry.




To create awareness among youths on the importance of 'defense' over 'hacking’ and to make them see that 'defense' is more benefitting than 'hacking' activities.

To search and develop new talents among young generations in Malaysia on cyber defences.

To instil forensic readiness knowledge and practice among youths.

To reward those who have successfully demonstrated their Cyber Security knowledge and skills



Cyber Heroes Competition 2019 will be all about digital forensics, from Horatio Cane down to Detective Conan. The participants will be given forensics images and they need to solve the digital forensics challenges. During the competition, the participants must be able to analyze the incident, correlate data between both images, and finally identify the threat actor. This format meant to give a glance and exposure to the participants from the industrial perspective.


The challenges are developed using a jeopardy-style which involve multiple categories of problems. The participants have to answer the questions to get the flags (points) based on the samples given. The participants will need to solve as many questions as possible. Each questions will hold certain points. The team with the most points at the end, wins.


Participation is open to all undergraduates from local and private universities with RM200 registration fee per team. Each university is allowed to send maximum 2 teams, which consist of 3 participants and accompany by a Team Coach. Only 20 teams will be selected to participate the competition. Come first comers, register now.

The registration is closed. (The event is full).

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1st Winner

2nd Winner

3rd Winner

Most Valuable Player (MVP) Winner


Place Team Score
1 Shellhound 1087
2 P@N7H3R@ 907
3 GoGoPowerRangers 907
4 NoobCTFplayer 780
5 AyamKunyit 780
6 MyInDecode6 707
7 Ultraman 697
8 pwning 600
9 NoHat 570
10 Ketu4 497
11 TuringGang 497
12 Team-Z 390
13 Bingsu Strawberry 370
14 AyamKunyit 350
15 CH405 260
16 FetchOrbis 250
17 C1PH3R 190
18 CryP0keLeC@ll 190
19 TheKeyWhatAttack 140




Please read the following rules carefully, and abide by them during the contest. Disregarding the rules may result in your team being disqualified.



Time Programme
6th March 2019 @ Asia Pacific University, Bukit Jalil
  Competition Talk
8.30 AM - 9.30 AM Opening Remarks
9.30 AM - 10.30 AM Cyber Heroes Competition

Talk Session:

“Blockchain Forensics: Preparing for the next generation high tech crime”

Sarah Khadijah Taylor
Specialist, Digital Forensics, CyberSecurity Malaysia

10.30 AM - 11.30 AM

Talk Session:

"Contextual analysis, learn you must!"

Lee Chin Sheng
Cyber Forensic Senior Specialist, Standard Chartered

Saravanan Kulanthaivelu
Cyber Forensic Senior Specialist, Standard Chartered

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM

Talk Session:

"Cyber Security Analyst : The First Step of a Great Journey"

Azri Hafiz
Co-Founder, rawSEC

5.00 PM Program End  
7th March 2019 @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel
9.00 AM Emcee Remarks
9.05 AM Keynote Speaker: “Sustaining Youth’s Cyber Wellness in the Digital Era”
9.20 AM Forum Session 1: “A Positive Cyber Environment for a Healthy Well-being!”
10.30 AM Coffee Break
10.45 AM Forum Session 2: “SocMed’s Influence: Youth Empowerment in the Digital Era” and My Digital H20 Campaign Activities”
12.30 PM Lunch Break
2.00 PM Forum Session 3: “Fending off Dr.Evil with your Digital Citizen Shield”
3.30 PM Closing Ceremony of Cyber Heroes Competition & Safer Internet Day 2019 – Malaysian Edition







Email: cyberheroes[at]cybersecurity.my



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